Speciation Ahoy!

Strange Horizons has just posted this bipartite piece on Scott Bakker’s Neuropath and my own Blindsight. It’s billed as a review, but it doesn’t read as one so much as a brief comparative essay on the thematic focii of the two novels. The reviewer— one Nader Elhefnawy, visiting professor of Literature out of U. Miami— […]

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A Plague of Angels (or, Rorschach in your living room!)

Well, this is interesting. Intel has leapfrogged MIT on the whole magnetic-resonance schtick. They can wirelessly light a 60-watt bulb from almost a meter away, wasting only 25% of the broadcast energy in transit. This is a good thing, because “…the human body is not affected by magnetic fields,” Josh Smith from Intel reassures us. […]

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Whiney, Shiney, Cerebrospiney

So much happened during my absence on the Island. Worldcon, for one. For another, a big honking propane storage facility blew up in the northwestern ‘burbs of Greater Toronto, provoking howls of outrage from concerned citizens who wanted to know how such a dangerous facility ended up in the heart of a residential area. (And […]

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Rumor Control

I have it on reasonably good authority that David Hartwell, during a panel on upcoming Tor titles at last week’s Worldcon, announced that he had sent me a contract for a new novel and was awaiting my response. Technically this might be true. In terms of the take-home message, however — i.e. the reasonable inference […]

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I, Steampunk

Ślepowidzenie is out in Poland. The cover makes it look kinda like a Jules Verne retread, and I mean that in a good way; in terms of literal, technical detail it gets pretty much everything wrong, but in terms of thematic ambience (and basic artistic skill) it rules. This is just as well, because I […]

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All Hail the Mighty Ursabelle!

It takes a while sometimes for electrons to get all the way out here to Gibralter Point, but my understanding is that Elizabeth won the short-story Hugo last night for “Tideline”. And though I hate her for her talent and her characters, I also love her for her talent and her character. So, way to […]

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Not the Rock. The Point.

I have dropped off the face of Toronto for the next week, returning to the magical land of orange tabby and slate-grey cats Gibralter Point, and to an annual writing retreat that I haven’t attended for a few years now. My primary goal is to finally hammer those fiblets I’ve been dribbling into a coherent […]

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Reznor and the Singularity

Well, they suckered me. After I’d heard so much about the vaunted FX of Nine Inch Nails’ live show, Reznor et al stomped through an opening assortment of Slip and Year Zero tracks against a competent-but-hardly groundbreaking backdrop of coloured spotlights and dry-ice vapor. Four or five songs in, I was resigning myself to merely […]

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Revenge of the Butterballs

A few years back — before he ascended into Heaven with the angels — Cory Doctorow submitted a nifty little story to the Gibralter Point writing workshop (an annual affair for which, come to think of it, I am about to depart this very weekend). I don’t remember the title, but one of the central […]

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Loving the Alien

We sleep. The chimp makes grudging corrections to a myriad small trajectories. I set the alarm to wake me every few weeks, burn a little more of my candle in case the AI tries to pull another fast one; but for now, it seems to be behaving itself. 428 jumps towards us in the stop-motion […]

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