Look into the Mirror

So, my bud Dave Williams‘ The Mirrored Heavens is out, and garnering raves as well it should. And if you wander over to the appropriate Amazon page and click on the cover art, you’ll see a blurb dead center of the spread, courtesy of Stephen Baxter. But once you get your hands on the actual […]

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"Oral Delights"

Those are the phonetics spoken by Tony Smith at the top of the latest issue of Starship Sofa, at least, and while I’m pretty sure that Aural Delights is the more accurate spelling, I’m betting the ambiguity is deliberate. I’m over there, anyway, in all my slightly-too-nasal vocal glory, nattering on for twenty minutes about […]

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Serpent’s Tooth

You sent us out here. We do this for you. We break this painstaking trail, crawl across the universe while time itself runs down; we spin the webs and tie the knots and open the doors, then scuttle away before the light of your coming turns us into plasma. Is it too much to ask, […]

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Breaking Camp

Been a significant gap between postings, I know. Chalk it up to a bit of work getting done (first installment of Reality, ReMastered goes live next week or the week after, I think), a lot of other work not getting done, and, once again, the ill-advised decision to buy a laptop from Dell which has […]

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Kill Me Now.

Evidently Michael Bay has been signed to adapt the Rifters trilogy, judging by this poster of Lenie and Kenny. I had not realized that Lubin was black. Nor that he propelled himself, er, anally. I guess this is the price one pays for movie adaptation. Thanks to one Matt Arnold for the coffee/saliva stains all […]

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Christian Rock Band: The Album Cover*

You can tell from the salacious, revealing costumes. Because in Nebraska, this is the most you can get away with. *Photo by Dan Brooks

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Squids — In — Spaaaaaace!

From the Cyrillic side of the planet, the cover art for the Russian edition of Blindsight: Yes, that is me. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be Sarasti, or Keeton, or just the author looming omnisciently over his creation. (My contact at Arabesque tells me that the incorporation of author photos into cover art […]

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The Brown Lands…

…Just outside Mordor. So. Where am I now? (Lars, if you’re out there, I rescued a box turtle in your honour the other day. To commemorate, I carved your name into his plastron.)

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So, the word is out on the subject of the revamped Starship Sofa. My reading of “Repeating the Past” is embedded near the end of their recent podcast; also, the press release reports that I’ll be doing a “monthly” science-“fact” podcast called Reality, ReMastered. I can confirm this, sort of, although the monthliness may be […]

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Ultima Thule, That’s Where.

It is May 2nd. The middle of Spring. Two days ago, where I am now, it was 27°C. This is the most sheltered side of my cabin: This is the approach to my cabin: I have no exact numbers for you, but I can tell you that wind speed is strong enough to make the […]

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