Kill Me Now.

Evidently Michael Bay has been signed to adapt the Rifters trilogy, judging by this poster of Lenie and Kenny. I had not realized that Lubin was black. Nor that he propelled himself, er, anally. I guess this is the price one pays for movie adaptation.

Thanks to one Matt Arnold for the coffee/saliva stains all over my keyboard.

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8 Responses to “Kill Me Now.”

  1. Rob Liefeld rides again.

    Was the picture that small when you got it? 😀

    – anonypost by razorsmile

  2. Don’t worry- it’s an RPG that’s been around since before “Starfish”. Look up Palladium for more.

  3. On a related subject, did you catch the remake of Andromeda Strain on the tube the other night? The solution to the plague was an extremophile bacteria found in a deep sea rift.

    Sort of the obverse of your Rifters series.

  4. I did. I downloaded the thing and watched it last week. It was awful, but I did keep poking my ex and saying “That’s Behemoth! That’s fucking Behemoth!”

    None of that held a candle to the Great Severed Finger Toss, though.

  5. I think, technically, if you’re poking your ex, she is no longer your ex.

    Sorry. I just couldn’t resist. I am sure that a linguist like you would understand.

  6. I understand well enough to keep far, far away from any straight line containing the word “linguist”.

  7. Sorry. Fifty years old and I still can’t resist the odd sophomoric pun.

  8. Ow.