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Screen Grabs, Blog Jabs

Okay, first up: the whole bench-warrant thing has been resolved. I am no longer a fugitive. I have a good lawyer (thanks, once again, to so many of you: speaking of which, gratitudinal e-mails now 52.8% completed!). Now all we have to worry about is a justice system that criminalizes the flinch response. Should be […]

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Since I don’t have time for a thousand words…

This gorgeous and moody piece illustrates a chunk of my backlist.  Two guesses which one.

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Sunday on Thursday

Two new sketches for you, and one of the fringe benefits of hanging around with professional artists: the brain of Crytek‘s Dan Ghiordanescu parsed the thousands of lines of scribbled alphanumeric code comprising “The Island”, then turned them into the images you see below. (It always blows me away how brains can do things like […]

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