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Zounds! It’s Christfucking Blasphemy Day!

And, decompressing after my bounce dive to Germany, I almost slept through it. Thanks to Keippernicus and a half-dozen science blogs for bringing me up to speed. Blasphemy Day (“…because your god is a joke”) exists as part of “…a movement to dismantle the wall which exists between religion and criticism.”, to “open up all […]

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Finally, A Cause That Athiests And Creationists Can Get Behind

Post-Rapture Pet Care. An Atheist idea, I might point out.  And they say we have no ethics.

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Toeing Jehovah

Just spent a few minutes talking to a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses who knocked upon my door. I really don’t understand these folks’ reputation as The Things That Wouldn’t Leave.  I was perfectly willing to keep discussing their faith with them, but they wanted to depart after only a few minutes.  I’ve encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses […]

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Why Believers Kick Atheist Ass at Scrabble

Here’s a fascinating possibility: that people with religious beliefs are better at pattern-matching than those without. The empirical findings are out of the Netherlands (popsci summary here), and are phrased much more conservatively: when presented with visual stimuli containing two levels of resolution (for example, a big square consisting of a bunch of little rectangles) […]

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Very Funny.

Okay, which one of you jokers is responsible for the following promotional offer appearing in my in-box? Subject: Promote Your Christian Book Christian Book Marketing is a division of Awesome God Publications. Awesome God Publications has been actively serving the Christian community since 1998. Through our years of experience in dealing with Christian books and […]

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Understanding Sarah Palin: Or, God Is In The Wattles

Here’s a question for you. Why hasn’t natural selection driven the religious right to extinction? You should forgive me for asking. After all, here is a group of people who base their lives on patently absurd superstitions that fly in the face of empirical evidence. It’s as if I suddenly chose to believe that I […]

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I Am Fundamentalist, And So Can You.

This started out as a post about a recently-reported negative correlation between IQ and religious belief (thanks to Craig McGill for the link). It was going to be relatively restrained by local standards; while it’s hard to resist the temptation to rub one’s hands at yet more evidence that only Stupid People Have Imaginary Friends, […]

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I Couldn’t have Said it Better Myself

So I won’t try.

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Athieist Group Born Again

Pursuant to Monday’s post, that MySpace athiests group is back up and running. According to a comment on Charlie Stross’s blog, MySpace never deleted it in the first place; rather, it was hacked out of existence by some third party. Anybody have any further info on this? According to the story I linked to before, […]

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In Defense of Scientology

Yeah, I kind of thought that might get your attention. Don’t worry, it’s not what you’re thinking. Nothing exists in isolation; every object stands in contrast to its background, every thing is relative to everything else. So when I take a stand in defense of an admittedly pernicious, powerful, and downright idiotic cult, you knows […]

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