Finally, A Cause That Athiests And Creationists Can Get Behind

Post-Rapture Pet Care.

An Atheist idea, I might point out.  And they say we have no ethics.

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13 Responses to “Finally, A Cause That Athiests And Creationists Can Get Behind”

  1. Chris J.

    God dammit! This is like turning on an early morning infomercial and seeing a product advertised that is so simple and yet so brilliant you smack yourself on the head for not thinking of it first.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to The Rapture. Not only will I be able to buy books with “atheism” and “evolution” in the title without getting dirty looks from the cashier, but according to an old friend who tried (Unsuccessfully) to scare me out of my heathen ways in high school with a Tribulation play at his church, there will be giant bugs roaming the Earth, too. Better keep the rescued cats and dogs inside!

  2. Hljóðlegur

    *raises hand*

    Chris J, I have a Tribulation question – did he reference where in the bible it mentions the giant bugs? I am trying to determine if they are going to be kosher. According to Leviticus, I may eat any kind of locust, katydid, cricket or grasshopper.

  3. Ross

    @Chris: if in fact there is a Rapture, it is likely that even those people who are not Raptured will be *more likely* to believe in God, not less. After all, the event itself is pretty awesome proof. Your bookstore purchases may become even more uncomfortable than they are now.

  4. Chris J.

    Hljóðlegur, if I remember correctly (It was about 5 years ago), there was actually no reference to giant bugs in the Bible passages that were cited, but there was a lot of insecure high school kids, so honesty took a backseat to scare tactics. Shocking coming from a religious institution, I know! Then again, we are talking about a book with a talking snake and a guy that built and sailed a giant arc full of animals, so I’m sure there probably is a passing reference to them somewhere…

    Good point, Ross! In that case, I’ll forgo all book purchases in favor of a lawn chair and a video camera! Wouldn’t want to miss watching the meltdown of society because I had my face buried in a book!

  5. Finster Mushwell

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why raccoons and peacocks are not included. . .After all, they are covered under most U. S. medical insurance policies.

  6. Peter Watts

    And there’s your answer: they’re already covered, and will continue to be after the rapture, because none of the folks who administer those medical insurance policies will be taken to heaven.

  7. Keippernicus

    Oh I can’t wait until the rapture…so many delicious pets and so few people to watch them….oh yes, oh yes yes yes.

  8. Daniel

    “…a preoccupation with the next world pretty clearly signals an inability to cope credibly with this one.” – Broken Angels

  9. Anony mouse

    The only thing that worries me is that my IQ may drop as the result of the rapture. By removing all of the fundies in the world, the average intelligence will go up. Since the IQ score is based on the average, the baseline score of 100 will be shifted.

  10. Anonymous

    Daniel, Broken Angels? The Macromedia (now known as Adobe) Flash series / film?

  11. Anony mouse

    Not to take away from Peter’s blog, but I followed the post rapture pet care link to an atheist blog that would be hilarious if it wasn’t also so scary.

  12. Michael_gr

    I don’t have pets, but I’d like an atheist to take care of my Farmville farm on Facebook when I’m lifted into heaven.

  13. seruko

    Well Michael I’d be willing to do that for a small one time fee of oh say 50$ USD