Canadian… Smugness… Failing… Must… Read…. Darwin…

From yesterday’s Globe & Mail, this flabbergasting factoid: Only 51% of Ontario residents accept the reality of evolution. Even Americans do better, at 53%. Nationally, Canada beats the States in the Enlightenment Sweeptstakes — at 59% — but that’s not by very goddamn much. Sullen, resentful thanks to Dave Nickle for the link. Meanwhile The […]

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The Uplift Protein

Neuropsin, that is. A prefrontal-cortex protein involved in learning and memory. There’s this one variant that’s peculiar to us Humans, 45 amino acids longer than the standard model handed out to other primates, and a team of Chinese researchers have just nailed the gene that codes for it. And the really cool part? Utterly ignoring […]

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Another Step Towards the Maelstrom

Those of you who read Maelstrom might remember what that book was named for: the frenetic chainsaw fast-forward jungle that the Internet had evolved into, infested by the virtual predators and parasites that evolved after we gave genes to spambots and let them breed at 50 generations/sec. (Those of you who didn’t read Maelstrom can […]

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