You’ll be hearing from me fleetingly if at all over the next few days— I’m off to Kawasaki for HAL-Con 2014, with a mixture of fear and excitement and the profound hope that I’ll be able to find my way home again afterward. One nifty thing the HAL Con folks do is put out […]

Excuses and Aspirations

It’s been a while. There’ve been these deadlines. A secret Munich gig I can’t talk about which might turn into something and might not: that took me to the end of January. February got swallowed by a lecture, two short stories, and the monthly Nowa Fantastyk column, all written from scratch. Not to mention an […]

Collection Agency.

This appears to be Collection Season. Over in Spain Ad Astra is just out (including a nicely unconventional introduction by Manuel de los Reyes, the translator of Blindsight); that’s the cover to the right, and I rather like the whole outer-space/inner-brain riff contained therein. Meanwhile, in the lead-up to the official release date for  Beyond […]

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Cops and Rob-bers

Beyond-the-Rift-related items seem to have popped up here and there last week while I was overseas. Interviews went live at the inaugural episode of the rebooted Seattle Geekly, and at Freelance and Fiction. Reviews of BtR popped up at SF Signal and Publisher’s Weekly (both positive, although I don’t think the PW gave me a […]

Call to Glory

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. That’s about to get worse (or better, I suppose, depending on your perspective). In order to make its August release date, Tor needs the definitive publisher-ready version of Echopraxia by the end of this month. I’m expecting to get editorial feedback Any Day Now; […]

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A Few More Things.

Art and updates, mainly: looks like I’m going to be back in Nantes this November for a return engagement at Utopiales, the massive French con that roots itself in Jules Verne’s home town. Caitlin and I were there back in 2010, and loved it. I am not just delighted to be going back, I am […]

Old Wine in Nice Bottles, and a Pimpy Postscript.

Okay, I was going to hold off on this until closer to the pub date, but I see the new collection has already landed on SF Signal and it seems to be getting some tweets and links, so: yes. I’ve got a collection coming out in the fall, from Tachyon Press. It’s basically a greatest […]

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No time today; sick and snuffly and unproductive and today’s Micropone’s birthday so I’m gonna have to delay my entry on prosthetic group-consciousness in rats. Instead, here are two of those responsible for bringing Blindsight to Bulgarian audiences, along with the product itself:   The guy with the cross is Blagoy Ivanov, editor of Iztok-Zapad […]

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Going to Extremes

Okay, I can come up long enough for this. Pimping and tub-thumping never takes more than a few minutes. You know that new Eriophora story I’ve been fibletting recently?  I’m now free to announce that it’ll be making its appearance later this year in an anthology entitled Extreme Planets: A Science Fiction Anthology of Alien […]

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Me or the Manuscripts

2012 ended pretty well: pursuant to last month’s little squee about Blindsight placing in the Top Ten of the Past Twelve poll over at Locus, turns out that I also showed up on the comparable lists for Best 21st Century Short Story (“The Things”, at #4), and barely squeaked into the top ten for Best […]

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