Late Notice, Long Distance

I’ve been head down lately: writing a story to accompany an upcoming art installation on Hypersonic Glide Vehicles, gearing up for a class talk at York University, and— weighing most heavily— preparing for a symposium/workshop over in Hungary, under the auspices of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Köszeg (iASK for short). The title of the whole shindig is “Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Science Fiction: Coping with a Complex Future“. It kicks off with a one-day symposium in which a physicist, a biologist, a couple of social scientists and an SF writer walk into a bar and take turns monopolizing a podium[1]. (I appear to have the first slot: working title is “Delusional Optimism at the End of the World”.) Afterward, the lot of us sit around and have a panel discussion.

No connection with Apple, as far as I know.

Of course, it’s Hungary. If none of you make it, I won’t hold it against you. I’ve been told, though, that the symposium is going to be streamed. I don’t know any details, but if you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday, you might want to look into that.

There’s also a two-day writing workshop. April 8-9. I’m running that one on my own. I’ve never done one of those before. I suppose I should probably get started on that.

Oh, and for those of you checking out the flyer— no, I have not lost the beard or started dying my hair. The organizers just opted for a ten-year-old picture, instead of the more-current shots I sent.

Maybe they just don’t like cats.

[1] Don’t be fooled by the rudimentary poster or the preliminary schedule; I am, indeed, only one of five participants and I am, in fact, giving a talk in the morning.

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14 Responses to “Late Notice, Long Distance”

  1. Klaus

    Well, I don’t know if I can count myself as a regular, as I don’t think I’ve taken part in any discussions here, but as a long-time visitor, I’m definitely going to pay you a visit, since Köszeg is less than a two hours drive from Vienna.

    I’ve written Jody Jensen a mail a few days ago, but I’ve got no reply – can you tell me if there are still open slots for the workshop?

  2. Peter Watts

    Last I heard, eight had signed up; registration is capped at 12.

    Full disclosure, though, I’ve never done this workshop thing before, at least not in a writing context (I did a few sciencey workshops back in the 20th century). This could be a complete shitshow.

  3. Liav

    The thing at York U is not open to the general public, is it?

  4. Oliver

    Oh, i would really like to watch that stream! Has anyone clicking around their site had more luck? (I found their youtube channel but that was it.)

  5. Jeff B

    I’ve got nothing better to do on Saturdays. I’ll stream it.

    As for the writing workshop, Peter, you could go with, “It’s simple, you guys. Get a PhD in some branch of science, struggle for a few years, then write a darkly challenging story that everyone except you considers “dark.” Cash money, baby!”

  6. Rich Romano
  7. Jeremy C

    Oh man, I was out camping on the 6th… off the grid. I meant to catch that stream of the symposium… did anyone watch it? By chance is it available to watch?

  8. Oliver

    The talk is here: (starts after 3 mins of introduction)

  9. Oliver

    Hm, video cuts out an hour in, just before the topic of psychopathy was probably going to come up. I’d love to know how the talk concluded, also to see the slides more clearly.

  10. Phil

    Thanks for the link. That cut-out an hour in sucks – just when he gets to the glimmer of hope (if our fate resting on something akin to mass lobotomy is hopeful). I hope they re-post with the rest of it.

  11. Klaus


    Actually, what he started talking about just before the stream got cut was depressive realism. I don’ think the talk went on much longer, but unfortunately I don’t remember any additional details.

  12. Peter Watts

    I’m told they’re recutting the video— apparently there’s a version where everything is recorded, and they’re planning on splitting the 6-hour behemoth into separate videos for each speaker and reposting.

    Stand by.

  13. hakeem abdul rehman jami

    Hi Jay! Which school do you go to?

  14. Mike

    It looks like they posted the videos of all of the talks on the webpage.