Ad-A O’Riley.

So, I’m off to gear up for the inaugural night of Ad Astra, but I thought I’d leave the rest of you with a fragment of a (sadly unrealized) science fiction opus about VR, biofeedback, and the addictive properties of targeted music (although this particular fragment was apparently about some farmer). “Baba O’Riley”, from the ill-fated Lifehouse project. (As was “Won’t Get Fooled Again—which, of course, they also played):


Thanks to Dave Olsen, and to the Meez for pointing me to his link. I do not know this Olsen dude, but judging by the angle he was sitting about 5-10m to the right of us. Also, his camera is way better than mine.

If you’re more in the mood for instrumentals, check out this bit from Quadrophenia.

Honestly, it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced. I can only pray that I’m half as spry at 72.

I’d call that a Bargain…


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3 Responses to “Ad-A O’Riley.”

  1. Niklas

    I hate you! When are you releasing a new book? Been waiting for what feels like ages since Echopraxia.

  2. Jan S

    I’m still spoiled by Live at Leeds, so …

  3. bill brunton

    That was fucking pathetic if you ever saw them when they were good….about 35 years ago!