Meet the New Crawl

Don’t mind the unpainted gyprock and the generic sidebar elements.  They’ll be deleted, tweaked, or replaced by more appropriate widgets over the next few days.  I just thought it’d be better to jump in with both feet than to dick around endlessly behind the scenes until things were perfect, you know?  The more visible the ugly wallpaper is, the more motivated I’ll be to get off my ass and do something about it.

But there’s no need to get too hasty just yet.  A buddy of mine just got back from Costa Rica.  I’ll be right back after I have a beer with him.

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15 Responses to “Meet the New Crawl”

  1. Hljóðlaus


  2. Madeline

    My eyes! They’re not diverging! It’s great! (Seriously, it’s like getting a nice dose of Visine. Thank you.)

  3. Cookie McCool

    I get to be the first to complain! Boo, black on white is so hard to read boo hiss.

  4. Chinedum Richard Ofoegbu

    Yeah! Black on white sucks! Change it back! Yes we can!

  5. Mrs. Mole

    *perks up*

    So much easier to read! The letters jitter less and have lesser coronas. We myopic animals appreciate the white background mightily.

    *burrows back underground*

  6. Timothy

    You’re cute, Mrs. Mole.
    I found one of your ilk in an empty Dorito bag in my basement yesterday. Just hangin’ out in the
    bag. I set her free from the dungeon and cleaned up her substantial leavings.

    Not so much as a thank you, I might add.

  7. magetoo

    Does this mean I can post comments again? If so, a premature celebratory “yay!” seems in order!

    Now I’ll just have to go back and re-read all posts for the last year, re-think all thoughts, and re-assemble all replies I wished I could have made. So that they can go unnoticed in the hidden depths of the post archive. Or on second thought, perhaps not.

  8. Mrs. Mole


    On behalf of Moledom, I thank you for the gallant rescue of my cousin from the intoxicating spell of the Dorito. It’s like catnip, you know.

    Mrs. Mole

  9. Shark
  10. Peter Watts

    Yes, I caught this. I think I’ll blog it tomorrow…

  11. Mac Tonnies

    I must admit: the new ‘crawl looks pretty damned eye-pleasing.

  12. Ken

    Ahhh, good old black text on a white background. My rods and cones thank you.

  13. Ben H

    Since I was reading your site via the (old) RSS feed, I’ve only just found out that you didn’t just go silent three weeks ago. Phew!

    Maybe you could put out an announcement using the old system pointing people here? Or did you do that, and I just missed it?

  14. Peter Watts

    That second thing, I think. My last post at the old location had a pretty big link pointer to here.

  15. Mary

    D’oh! I’ve been refreshing the RSS feed from the old site, wondering why there was nothing after Ripoff Alert, then finally checked the site itself.

    Looks pretty damn nice here. Now I just have to go and catch up.