More About Me.

To those who’ve e-mailed me over the past 24 hours to offer congratulations for “The Island”‘s Sturgeon Award nomination: thank you.

Now I gotta go read up on what this Sturgeon Award thing is.

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14 Responses to “More About Me.”

  1. Hannu Blommila

    Way cool. “The Island” rocks. Many congrats Peter!

  2. Ken

    Darn, I was hoping that the award would look something like this:

    Well, congratulations anyway.

  3. keanani

    That’s terrific Peter 🙂

    The award should look like this though, it’s kinda cute~

  4. V

    Nifty. Based on the name of the award, it would be only too appropriate if you won it . . . not that I haven’t heard of the writer (although not his eponymous award), but my brain does go under the sea just like Ken’s.

    Pity you haven’t won an award that looks like this yet . . .

  5. Rick York

    I hope your query does NOT mean that you either a) don’t know who Sturgeon was or, b) haven’t read him.

  6. Nestor

    Something to do with fish, I think.

  7. geoffrey wall

    Where can I purchase a printed copy of The Island?

  8. Peter Watts

    Anywhere you want, if you don’t want to just download the pdf here at It originally showed up in The New Space Opera II, (G. Dozois and J. Strahan, Ed.), but then it got reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Vol 4 (J. Strahan, Ed.); The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (R. Horton, Ed.); The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-seventh Annual Collection (G. Dozois, Ed.) and Year’s Best SF #15 (D. Hartwell & K. Cramer, Eds.). I think it also made it into some kind of audio format, too — The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 2, or something, I think.

    @Rick York, who warned: “I hope your query does NOT mean that you either a) don’t know who Sturgeon was or, b) haven’t read him.”

    Dude. Theodore Sturgeon, who wrote “Between here and the easel”, “More than Human” and that awesome pro-incest story for the Dangerous Visions series. Also a kickass story whose title I forget, about a couple on the run, in which the woman is infected with a devastating bioengineered STD. The whole story turns inside-out when you realise that every line of dialog in a critical earlier scene meant exactly the opposite of what you thought it did. Not that anyone would ever know it from my writing, but that dude’s work taught me a lot about how to structure a narrative. He also wrote the “Amok Time” and “Shore Leave” episodes for classic Trek.

    See, I know who the guy was. I just hadn’t realized they’d named an award after him.

  9. 01

    Hey, that award shortlist makes for a very interesting reading list.
    The Island has good company 🙂

  10. Robert K

    no relation to recent comments, but just finished B-max/Seppeku. was enthralled and happy to see a story that comes properly to its climax. i bought starfish and maelstrom, because they are in print. why is this last book/s out fo print? glad for the pdf, but you didnt make a cent off it, and i may have damaged my corneas reading the fattest book on screen.

    I looked for a better thread to comment on, but you dont have forums for your books. i bought blindsight and am moving on.

    I like your brand of angry biochemical/ecological speculative dystopian fiction, filled with psychosexual deviants. When i think of recommending you to friends, i wonder what it says about me. ah well, we are what we are. glad to hear you are working on a new book. I am liking a Watts fix.

    BTW, when i read Starfish, i realized i had read the original story in an anthology somewhere, but i can’t remember where, and my books are packed. i am a buyer, not a library guy, i just wondered what else was in anthology that included that kind of story. I keep trying to get back into genre fiction, but i have little patience for most of it.

    anyways, kudos, and sorry for the unrelated comment.

    p.s. really fucking happy the Americans didn’t lock you up. Christ.

  11. Chris in MN

    Robert, if you’re reading Watts for the sex, I recommend porn or the old way of doing things, with a human being.

    To me, Watts is an optimist. Human beings alive in forty plus years? Optimistic I say!

    Further, one point in the Rifters trilogy/tetralogy is that even with corporate biological control of employees, there’s still something to be said for the human spirit (see Lubin, “off the leash”).

    It’s all scary because it’s different. Change is scary, but to fear it and fight it and win is to fight evolution. We must adapt or go the way of the dodo.

  12. Hljóðlegur

    We must adapt or go the way of the dodo.

    We must adapt and eventually go the way of the dodo. *smiles*

  13. rayp

    From the recollections of Thomas Disch, esquire:

    On meeting the late Theodore Sturgeon, we are told, our Tom “was persuaded to sample the nudist lifestyle and invited to stay overnight for a threesome with Mrs Sturgeon (an opportunity I declined).”

    A Plague on All Your Houses (a review of The dreams our stuff are made of)

    I hope the award doesn’t come with a similar invitation.

  14. Brycemeister

    Cool! So, do they give you like a sturgeon or something? Cause sturgeons are cool (so is Theodore). Dinosaurs, living fossils, and they can get real big.