Martin Luther King and the Vampire Rights League

Some of you may remember my ruminations on the evolutionary significance of sociopathy, my tentative musings that it may be not so much a pathology as an adaptation, and my almost pathetic relief (scroll down to Oct 14) when people with actual credentials wonder the same thing and thus make me look like less of […]

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“PyrE. Make them tell you what it is.”

At the end of one of the classic novels of TwenCen SF, the protagonist — an illiterate third-class mechanic’s mate named Gulliver Foyle, bootstrapped by his passion for revenge into the most powerful man in the solar system — gets hold of a top-secret doomsday weapon. Think of it as a kind of antimatter which […]

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Mind Melds, Chimeras, Remixes.

I’m thinking about the whole should-we-or-shouldn’t-we dilemma regarding the release of research into genetically-modified avian flu.  I’m reading about pros and cons.  I’m trying very hard to make sure that impartial empiricism doesn’t get overwhelmed by my visceral desire for a planet-scouring megademic (there:  that ought to provide enough fodder to keep Lanius happy for […]

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Pretending* I Am A Republican

I am not, nor have I ever been, a citizen of the US (hell, these days I’m not even allowed to visit the place). Even in theory, though, the thought of being a Republican is not one that appeals to me. I’ll grant you that Obama’s record on privacy, civil rights, and transparent government is […]

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The Excesses of Philip K. Dick

Happy new year, mammals. I’m too busy meeting next month’s Nowa Fantaskyka deadline to get a proper post into the queue today, and I’m undecided which subject to settle on anyway:  the one where we explore the irony of launching an eradication program against a species that’s just been taken off the Endangered Species list, […]

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