Extraordinary Claims

I’ve had a fondness for Daryl Bem ever since his coauthored paper appeared in Psychological Bulletin back in 1994: a meta-analysis purporting to show replicable evidence for psionic phenomena. I cited it in Starfish, when I was looking for some way to justify the rudimentary telepathy my rifters experienced in impoverished environments. Bem and Honorton […]

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I didn’t know you cared. But since you do…

So: doctor first thing Thursday morning, although whatever’s eating my legs seems to be dying on its own (despite the fact that the pus is back). So you guys can stop worrying/mocking me/tossing your cookies. The readings went over really well last night (and I’m told the video will be online before too long), to […]

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Pictures, Postscripts, Performance, Pimpage, & Pus…

…Being not the name of the most unfortunately-named law firm in history, but rather a collection of reasons explaining my disappearance from the crawl this past month while we entered the second decade of the twenty-first century (still without personal jet-packs, I note with ongoing disgust). When last we left the ‘crawl I was en […]