Beebe Station: General Layout

 1. Double hull
 2. Docking hatch
 3. Top hall
 4. Ballast/
    organics stockpile
 5. Tool shed
 6. Ventral hatch
 7. Trim tanks/TAM
 8. Wet deck
 9. Dry deck
10. Toilet
11. Shower
12. Personnel cubbies
13. Sewage recyclers
14. Inorganic stores
15. Organic stores
16. Lounge
17. Galley
18. Comm. cubby
19. Library/Enter-
    tainment pedestal
20. Docking ladder
21. Interdeck ladder
22. Ready room
23. Medical cubby
24. personal airlock
25. Engineering airlock
26. Life support/
    seawater electrolysis
27. Storage

Beebe Station is a 6-person abyssal habitat (Hanson Fabrication, contractors) built from a titanium-fullerene hull 13 meters in diameter and rated to 500 atmospheres.  Total enclosed volume is 1150 cubic meters; 60% of this contains breathable atmosphere.  The remainder consists of storage, ballast, and outboard systems.

Airtight components displace approximately 720,000 kg of seawater.  Onboard ballast, hull, and associated structures counteract 84% of this buoyancy; Beebe is tethered against the remainder by three extruded "buckyball" cables fused into deep bedrock.  Beebe is anchored about 100 m from the geothermal generators at  Channer Vent, to reduce the chance of personnel being steambaked within the station.

Breathable habitat is divided into an upper "dry" deckócontaining living quarters and Beebe's command centeró and a lower "wet" deck with medical, dive-prep, and gear maintenance facilities.   Life-support systems are also housed on the lower deck.  Atmospheric pressure is maintained at sea-surface levels (1000 millibars) to avoid the health hazards associated with hyperbaric oxygen toxicity.

Each of the private crew cubbies is approximately 2 meters square. In light of concerns raised about the modest size of these accomodations (given a year-long standard tour of duty), Beebe's bulkheads were mirrored to create an illusion of increased "personal space".

These measures may not have been entirely successful.  At last report, at least some of the  mirrors had been defaced or removed by station personnel.