SFContario: The Schedulening.

So I’m at SFContario this weekend.  Five panels, as follows:

Reviews and Critiques – Saturday 11 AM – Courtyard
Reviews, both bad and good, are a part of being a writer and can even be a positive part of the creative process. What are the right and wrong ways to deal with reviews and criticism? How can you use them to improve your writing, and what sort of criticism can you safely ignore? Andrew Barton, Jane Ann McLachlan, Peter Watts, Maaja Wentz

It’s the End of the World as We Know It – Saturday 1PM – Ballroom BC
The post-apocalypse in genre fiction, why do we love the end of the world so much and why are we so badly prepared for it in real life? Margene Bahm, Lynna Merrill, Michael McPherson, Peter Watts

Author Branding – Saturday 3 PM – Solarium
Gaining exposure can be a challenge for an author, whether experienced or brand new and shiny. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ have important tools for reaching an audience. Merely having an account is not sufficient. How do you develop content to attract your target audience while being creative and standing out in the crowd? Can you keep a private social presence separate from your professional persona? Alyx Dellamonica, Robin Hobb, Leeman Kessler, Peter Watts

Synchronizing the Alien and the Alien Culture– Sunday 11PM – Ballroom BC
How does the science fiction author create an alien culture that is believable, that realistically flows from the physical and psychological attributes of the alien, and yet is also relevant to human readers? Is it possible? How have authors done it successfully or not so successfully? How would you do it as an author?
Julie Czerneda, Herb Kauderer, Rob St-Martin, Peter Watts

Keeping the Science In Science Fiction – Sunday 2 PM – Ballroom BC
How can writers incorporate real science into their stories, instead of just resorting to technbabble and handwaving? What are some themes and issues being explored by today’s scientists that would make good story ideas? How do authors keep up so that their writing doesn’t become obsolete by the time their books are actually published? How do writers avoid insulting the intelligence of informed readers? How much detail do readers want and expect about science and technology in the science fiction we read? Julie Czerneda, Dan Falk, Cenk Gokce, Alex Pantaleev, Peter Watts

I don’t think I’m moderating any of those.  Which is just as well, because I’m not especially good at being moderate.

The con is also hosting a reading series called “Hydra’s Hearth“, which I can only assume is at attempt at rebranding  after those guys came off so badly in the last two Captain America movies.  Hydra has apparently infiltrated the Toronto Arts Council, which is funding the following roster:

Friday, November 14
7 PM David Nickle
8 PM Douglas Smith
9 PM Derwin Mak

Saturday, November 15
11 AM Madeline Ashby
12 PM Karl Schroeder
2 PM Hugh A.D. Spencer
3 PM Eric Choi
4 PM Robert J. Sawyer
5 PM Peter Watts

Sunday, November 16
11 AM Michelle Sagara
12 PM Lesley Livingstone
1 PM Alyx Dellamonica

Lotta good names there.  That’s me on the Saturday, although I’ve just received an email asking if I can go on Friday instead.  I’m not sure yet, but we’re getting down to the wire so I thought I’d post this as is and update if necessary. Watch this space.

Note also that these reading slots are a solid hour apiece, or the length of an undergraduate lecture on the lachrymal gland secretions of herring gulls.  You have been warned.

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Peter D
Peter D
9 years ago

The 12 year old boy in me enjoys the fact that in the “Hydra’s Hearth” section, it reads: “SFContario is proud to host a pubic reading serie for Toronto-area authors.”

*Pubic* reading series, huh?

9 years ago

Nice program – what are the chances any of those panels will be taped for the faraway folks’ benefit ?

9 years ago

Yo Peter, have you watched “Interstellar” yet? The film claims to be hard sci-fi… It would be interesting to hear your opinion on it.

Mr Non-Entity
Mr Non-Entity
9 years ago

Transcripts and/or video please? I’d be particularly interested in the apocalypse. Um, the presentation, not so much the real thing.