The Lost Chat: Gaming Edition

  1. LightSol: Have you ever larped or role played any other way in your life? Got into AD&D in a big way during grad school.
  2. LightSol: Has one of your novels made into a game? Not professionally. Once, a long time ago, some fan made an online Starfish sexual-abuse role-playing game with rules like “No character shall rape or kill another character without approval from the CEO or the victim’s player.” I don’t think it ever went anywhere, though.
  3. LightSol: Do you hate the managers of homeworld for scrapping your sequel? Nah. There was so much turnover during that time that the guys who scrapped the sequel were a whole different crew than the ones who took me on board in the first place. And while there were certain internal politics that I could have done without, I really had a blast overall. I’d do it again in a second.
  4. Quinion: What level is your girlfirend in wow Last I checked, she was high-forties. Must be over fifty by now.
  5. [Xfire] Artaxs: Yeah, and what race / class does she play? Blood elf. Paladin. She tanks a lot.
  6. AnThRaX: i like the wow questions
  7. █▓▒ ShoTDeaD ▒▓█: yeah artaxs
  8. Cynosure EPR: and whats her name In-game, Khevvren, or Kevlar, or something.
  9. Cynosure EPR: lol
  10. Quinion: and number I don’t know any more. I suspect she had it changed when the restraining order came down.
  11. MÖטζєя: Do you support the horde or the alliance Horde.
  12. Quinion: I wish my gf played wow tho. No you don’t. Believe me. You really don’t.
  13. Hirmetrium: When its crunch time – Sex or writing? Depends on whether it’s with someone or — nah, who am I kidding. It’s sex. It’s always sex.
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8 Responses to “The Lost Chat: Gaming Edition”

  1. For The Horde!

    Yup, another WoW-addict here. Goddammit, it’s not called World of Warcrack for nothing…


  2. My gf plays wow, then again, so do I, it’s shamefull, I know. I suppose I should be outside enjoying the rain, but wait, WoW has weather effects !

    Just don’t tell my mother.

    Jason D

  3. It’s like when the Murder, She Wrote Angela Landsbury character guest-starred on Magnum P.I.

    I did not know of this episode. Please tell me that Angela Landbury wears a Hawaiian shirt and rolls under a flashy late-70s sports car while firing a large, chrome revolver at a criminal bad-guy played by Rutger Hauer.

  4. Except something good will come of this dialog. World of Warcraft has 9 million subscribers, of which, I wouldn’t be surprised if 80%+ enjoy SF novels. Strike a chord of acceptance with the players, always good.

    An essay on competitive RNA based life.. please tell me you get payed to be this interesting.


  5. I have indeed experienced Starfish although I can’t remember the details anymore, so you have me there.

    There was a time I tried to keep up with all the works and rants from Mr. Watts but it’s not only too much, iit’s often over my head.


  6. Scott C. said…
    Is murkulescent a word? It totally should be.

    I totally agree.
    What a lovely word.
    Murkulescent, murkulescent, murkulescent…Just taste it.

    And no, I wasn’t being sarcastic…


  7. Just a heads up: you’ve been recommended Bioshock here, but Bioshock apparently comes with a most insidious root-kit and other DRM. I’d recommend the pirated version, when it comes out. Standard time between release and first playable crack is 1-2 weeks, so it should be soon.

  8. jd said

    An essay on competitive RNA based life.. please tell me you get payed to be this interesting.

    Not nearly enough.

    And Scott started everything rolling with

    Dance for me! DANCE, I say!

    Only if you throw pennies. No, make that quarters.