A Nose of Dinaricized Atlantid Configuration.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  Apparently I don’t fit in with the Brits or the Irish, on account of my nose. Although someone who whose avatar looks like Trinity describes me as North Atlantid, which sounds pretty close.

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9 Responses to “A Nose of Dinaricized Atlantid Configuration.”

  1. shai

    Far Right”

    far right? now that’s quite funny.

  2. Aaron

    Wow, a modern recurrence of phrenology. Well, why not? Between mob rule and the priesthood of all believers so-called, why should anyone assume anything but that he’s automatically a perfect authority on whatever he should care to be?

  3. Brian Prince

    hints of h. vampirinses

  4. Whoever

    Maybe they’re steampunky and that explains the phrenology thing (and some of the rest perhaps). Though if they email and ask you for skull measurements be sure to send them ones identical to some extinct species. 🙂

  5. Nestor

    “A mutt” works well for most of us.

  6. Hljóðlegur

    Bah. People are terrible at assessing ethnicity by visual inspection, even in person.
    That being said, you appear to be a big ol’ Irish guy to me. If you told me Liam Neeson was a cousin of yours, I’d be like, yeah, I can see it.

    With, as mentioned, a bit of h. vampirenis in for spice.

    Darnit, now I have to go look up “Dinaricized Atlantid” whatever that is. Is this one of the 53 races of man from the 19th century?

  7. Mr Non-Entity

    My guess would be “seems to be some non-Iberian-Celt in there”. I think I’d have guessed more Scots and/or Welsh than Irish, tho’.

    As for judging people by their looks, generally not incredibly sensible, though one can probably make more reasonably accurate assumptions judging them by their attire. For example: Fareed Zakaria — a intellectual’s intellectual up in the same leagues as William F Buckley or Gore Vidal at least in terms of politics and economics — is not someone I would want to see running towards me in some dark alley. That being said, he’s still rather scary doing opinion pieces in “Time” magazine. 😉 But I digress.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think that phrenology is making a comeback, but in the short time we have left before everyone gets blended into Standard Issue Humanity (fashionably tri-racial!) it’s somewhat fun to try to guess people’s ethnicity or ancestral region by looking at them. Also keep in mind that not too long ago, it could be life-or-death to the War Effort if you couldn’t tell by looking at someone that they weren’t Anglo-Saxon but were rather Hessen with awesome linguistic talents and no trace of accent. Or vice-versa.

  8. proudinjun

    Not to change the subject, but I thought that you might be interested in this link:
    http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=83278. My man said it was pretty horrendous. Reminded me of a fella I know…

  9. Trottelreiner

    It’s not so much phrenology, that was more of the “bump in your head, shows you’re *insert foggy characteristic*”, thus in some ways the ancestor of today’s fMRI craze, but “old school” physical anthropology, so “old school” I guess it’d be fun to explain “typological species concept and why it sucks” to them.

    As for applications in the war-effort, that’d be debatable, since most conflicts are border conflicts, e.g. there is bound to be a long history of voluntary and not so voluntary gene flow, especially if the rapin^w, err, fighting has been going on for some time. As for Hessians and Anglo-Saxons, IMHO the overlap is quite big[1], nevermind quite a few of the “Hessians” in question, if this relates to the Americal rebell^w, err, revolution, were not from Hessen but Brunswick-Lüneburg, not that far off from the area the original Angles and Saxons came from. With both “Hessians” and British loyalists looking more Anglo-Saxon then some of the rebel^W, err patriot’s French or Spanish allies.


    Oh, and then the German imports were not just with the Loyalists


    So, well, “Four legs good, two legs bad” might be the way we’re wired, problem is somewhat doubt it was really adaptive in the past. Though of course if people act the way of this principle in a conflict, even when the groups are mixed in the beginning, they quickly align with the phenotypes, and it becomes very adaptive,

    But then, most armies from the late Middle Ages to the French Revolution were ethnically quite mixed, often mercenary units, even though common origin was one of the things to keep units together in theory,


    so again, I doubt if “trust people that look like you, mistrust all others” is more adaptive than “mistrust all people on principle, even if they look like you”.

    Personally, well, I’m somewhat divided on the issue of physical anthropology, on the one hand of course you can often guess somebody’s ethnic background, on the other, well, my brother passes for Southern Italian[2] or Turkish[3] quite often, while there was a time (I get darker the more I age) when yours truly could model for Baltic Sea holiday ads. With our ancestry Westphalian, Silesian and Polish, so nothing out of the ordinary…

    [1] Somewhat tongue in cheek, IMHO much of the fracas with German and British tourists, football fans etc. is an application of the competitive exclusion principle. *g*


    [2] Hell, even I could pass for a Northern Italian.

    [3] OK, given the influx of Muslimic immigrants to Anatolia with the dissolution of the Osmanic empire, I could pass for Turkish, too.