Banana Does Not Look Like This

Banana‘s a brown tabby with gloriously misshapen ears. This actually looks more like my first-ever cat, The Cate. (Except for the nose. The Cate had 63 dots on an otherwise flawlessly-pink nose.)

But there are many good things about the illustrations for this Nature interview. For one thing, Banana makes two appearances, the second in the pull quote (which contains a typo, but then again, cats always were agents of chaos). For another, I alone of the four of us retain some semblance of humanoid/porcine ancestry. And last but not least, I’m the only one who isn’t naked.

Here’s the article itself. URL for the director’s cut is contained therein — it’s not up yet as of this writing.

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4 Responses to “Banana Does Not Look Like This”

  1. Great article! Congratulations! Ah, the sweet, siren allure of the solicited opinion…and in print, no less! I’m always up for some good Crichton-bashing.

    Sadly, it’s all down hill from here. The only reason we become artists, is that some day, someone might ask us, in a public forum, what we think about something. Now that momentous occasion has come and gone. Well, at least you make lots of money from this, right?

    / < ball-busting off >

  2. Seconding the Crichton bashing – it warms the cockles of this Anon’s heart.

    I’m sad nobody mentioned _Cyteen_ in reference to the cloning issue, but maybe that’s in the full version. And Cherryh’s writing a sequel, so you’ve still got time to catch up before it’s out…

  3. Your character is strangling a bug. Which seems oddly appropriate. Good article but I wanted more, the url isn’t working just yet.


    Link to the story mentioned by Mr. Watts.