Postcard from Purgatory

Dear Subject_Name_Here:

No, I’m not back.  Yes, I’m still working my ass off.  No, I still can’t talk about it. Yes, when I can talk about it you will doubtless be disappointed, because it’ll be  pretty anticlimatic (in the dramatic sense, not the global-warming-denier sense).  But I’m going to come up and gulp a breath of air because we’re only six days away from the SpecFic Colloquium at Hart House, right here in Toronto.  A bunch of us locals — Dave Nickle, Karl Schroeder, Bob Boyczuk, Julie Czerneda among others — are going to be giving talks on a variety of sf-nal subjects.  Mine  is entitled “Gods, Jackboots, and Rule 34:  How Pornography Could Save the World”, and it’s about pretty much exactly what it says.  I expect to get started on it any day now.

I think I may also be reading “Malak”, which is evidently the lead-in story in  Jonathan Strahan’s upcoming Engineering Infinity (speaking of which, that is a glorious cover).  “Malak”  hasn’t been out much;  I read it at the tail end of Polaris earlier this year and a snippet appeared on the ‘crawl a few months back, but it’ll be new to most of you.  Anyway, check out the SpecFic website for the particulars, and drop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

A few miscellaneous reprint notices, while I’m up here.  “The Island”‘s Hugo win got noticed overseas (well, duh, it happened overseas — I mean over other seas):  it’s now being translated into French, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and just possibly Portuguese.  Also “The Things” is making it into Polish.  So that’s all cool.

Just before I disappear again, let me apologize once again for the lack of crunchy science stuff lately.  It’s not from lack of interest, I assure you; it’s entirely due to lack of time.  Please keep the links coming even though you get the brush-off from my autoresponder; I’d rather grind my teeth because I don’t have time to read ’em all then not even know what’s going on out there, and I save everything for future reference.

Back to the grind now.  Wish you were here.  And I wasn’t.


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21 Responses to “Postcard from Purgatory”

  1. Hljóðlegur

    We’re all fine, sugar, no worries here, but it’s kind of you to think of us in the midst of your work-a-thon. Have fun, if that’s possible!

  2. Sheila

    Oh cool, you’re going to read a story. Bug the powers that be to record audio for it. Someone (H, thanks) pointed me to a podcast of you reading a story, and you have a good reading voice. and you do the voices, cool!

    It’s not always the case that authors have good reading voices. I ran in to a recording of, iirc, T S Eliot, and he sucked.

    Hmm, I haven’t been sending you very many sciency links lately. There was something about swarming robots the other day (but you probably get those all the time). And then something about pessimistic pooches–a possible example of animal cognitive bias! and I like how the blogger picked it apart.

  3. V

    Stay as sane as possible. damn, I wish I could get to that colloqium. Still trying to figure out how I’m getting to town for SFContario. It may be green and all, but not knowing how to drive is a pain in the ass.

    kudos on the reprints, and I hope you’re happy with the final version of whatever you’re working on.

  4. Peter D

    I’m tempted to go, however, the webpage fails to make it clear whether you can just show up at the door, pay, and expect to get in. I don’t have means to pay online or a cheque in the timeframe and the thought of showing up to potentially just be turned away is unappealing.

  5. Antongarou

    is there any chance of your talk being recorded or your notes being extensive enough for posting?It sounds interesting, and I would love to hear/read it.

  6. SundayArtist

    It will be nice to meet all of you at the Spec Fic! I hope there wil be some of your books there.

  7. Seruko

    thanks for the heads up.

  8. Declan Dennehy

    Score, see you this weekend. If I can get away from the FutureCon stuff.

  9. Mark C

    That cover is awesome and I see from the link that it is by french artist Stephan Martiniere. He did an equally awesome cover for the french edition of Peter F hamilton’s ‘Fallen Dragon’. His site is for more details…

  10. Hljóðlegur

    This is for the die-hard fans among you:

    Remember how Cory Doctorow was collecting pieces of paper from writers to include in some new publishing scheme of his, with the idea that in the brave new world of cheap electronic reproduction, people will pay big for boutique publications that included real one-of-a-kind documents?

    You can see one such document, a rejection letter Peter got 30 years ago, here:

  11. Flanders

    There is also an ultrasound of Paul di Filippo’s nutsack, in case you need added inducement.

  12. Brycemeister

    Uh huh. If pornography could save the world, one would think it would already have done so. People are perfectly capable of rolling up porn and war in a nice big ball of nasty, and toss that fucker around like nobodies bidness.

  13. Ariella

    Great reading last night! I thought it was a fantastic event and I was sorry that I had other obligations that kept me away from the rest of the conference. Is there any chance that the papers will be posted as text and/or video on the internet?

  14. Hljóðlegur

    Somehow, Dr. Watts came to mind here:

    Yes, always a good idea to kick those scofflaws once you get them down on the ground. Just to make sure they get the message that they brung it on themselves.

  15. Sheila

    Has anyone from the event blogged about the talks? I fail at googling.

  16. Sheila

    s/one from the event/ attendee

  17. Keippernicus

    Pete you can always farm some of this stuff out to me. You know I accept payment in heretofore unpublished slag from the furnace of Watts.

    But, soldier on my good man. Soldier on.

  18. Branko Collin

    Sheila, the only thing noteworthy I found was this posting by Simon McNeil.

  19. Sheila

    Thanks, Branko.

    con organizers need to catch up to technical conference organizers for providing vids of events. 🙁 (pycon is the exemplar)

  20. Evelyn
  21. Brainbread

    You have to stop writing books about psychology. I keep referencing your stuff as popular fiction when I am doing a Psych paper.

    Can’t wait for the next book. And hopefully the scrambler is holding up well enough for you. I am concerned that some of the stitching may have come undone over its transport. It was a little bit of a rush job.

    I might try for another one when I get the chance.

    Keep up the good work, Dr. Watts! (it is Dr., right?)