Just a few bits of miscellanea on my way out the door:

  • The disgustingly-but-unforgettably-named “Puppy Buckets” has posted a review of the soon-to-be-resurrected Starfish — although if you hang out here regularly you’ll already know whether the book’s any good.
  • We’re less than a month away from the paperback edition of Blindsight, and to drum up reader interest has taken down the much-improved cover design for that edition and replaced it with the crappy hardcover layout. And can anyone tell me why that page keeps listing Blindsight as “popular” in the category “Short Stories —> Canadian”? (It was also listed as popular “World Fiction” a few days back, but the world seems to have since come to its senses.)
  • Have officially started writing Dumbspeech. Completed the first draft of the Prelude just yesterday. God, it sucks.
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7 Responses to “Petepourri”

  1. In Amazon, Publishers Weekly’s review is full of spoilage.

  2. And this just two days after the hard cover made it’s way from to my mailbox (in Sweden)? I take comfort in knowing that both covers are equally disturbing – and that the content is brilliant, no matter the thickness of the cover. (Although I like paperback better.)

  3. So what’s Dumbspeech about? What’s the setting?

    Could you at least give us a one-line blurb?

  4. In response to what said:

    He’s mentioned it before: “Dumbspeech” tells the story of what was happening on Earth during Blindsight.

  5. Thanks razorsmile!

  6. what said…

    So what’s Dumbspeech about? What’s the setting?

    What Razor said. The official title at this point is “State of Grace”, and while Blindsight was binary — consciousness/no-consciousness — SoG will focus more on one side of that dichotomy, exploring a struggle between different kinds of consciousness in a world where Humans have fragmented into different cognitive subspecies as a means of dealing with information overload.

    I’ll post bits and pieces, when they don’t suck.

  7. Hey, thanks for the nod!

    I’ll be posting a review for Maelstrom here at some point.