The Bicentennial 21st-Century Symposium of All About Me.

  This feels a bit weird. Creepy, even.  If it makes any difference, I advised them not to go ahead with it. A couple of weeks from now— Nov 10-11— the University of Toronto will be hosting an academic symposium about me. More precisely, about my writing. You could even call it an international event. […]

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My Dinner with Ramez: or, The Identity Landscape.

A week or two ago— just before all the stuff with Kevin went down— I hung out with Ramez Naam for an evening. (If you know who I am you certainly know who he is; his Nexus trilogy burned across the charts in a way I can only dream of.) We snarfed. We drank. We […]

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We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Oh fuck, I think. I’m gonna get arrested again. There’s a growing cluster of uniforms in the ravine abutting our property: city employees, police, a couple of guys wearing insignia I don’t recognize.  Two cops poke at the tent in the ravine just across the fence from our tool shed. Their cars are pulled up […]

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Pearls Before Cows: Thoughts on Blade Runner 2049

Lers of Spoi.   You Have Been Warned.   I’ve been dreading this film ever since I heard it was in the works. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I saw Arrival. Now that I’ve seen it, well, I’m… Vaguely, I don’t know. Dissatisfied? Not that Blade Runner 2049 is a bad movie […]

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