And Now for Something Completely Different…

These are pictures from the bottom of the earth. (Click on ’em for higher res.) Who needs alien planets? This is part of a transmission from the bottom of the earth, recently received from a very cool chick I met at Readercon last year, who works with satellites and builds raccoon-scaring robots as a hobby […]

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Nature Nurtures.

The Nature interview went pretty well, after a start-up technical glitch or two. I had a blast. The ideas were thick upon the ground. (I especially liked Ken MacLeod’s premise of military robots developing self-awareness on the battlefield due to programming that gave them increasingly-complex theories-of-mind as a means of anticipating enemy behaviour.) I got […]

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The New Superstar of the Science Fiction

Which is what Google’s translation software makes of der neue Superstar der Science Fiction, which is evidently what I am according to the Random House/Bertelsmann web page heralding the German edition of ButtPflug — er, Blindflug — which translates as “Blind Flight“, but that’s fine because the literal translation of “Blind Sight”— Blinder Anblick — […]

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Canadian… Smugness… Failing… Must… Read…. Darwin…

From yesterday’s Globe & Mail, this flabbergasting factoid: Only 51% of Ontario residents accept the reality of evolution. Even Americans do better, at 53%. Nationally, Canada beats the States in the Enlightenment Sweeptstakes — at 59% — but that’s not by very goddamn much. Sullen, resentful thanks to Dave Nickle for the link. Meanwhile The […]

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A Motley Mosaic of Miscellaneous Minutiae

Sorry for the recent radio silence; been a lot going on lately, events to plan, agents to approach, interviewers to charm (not easy when you’re me), awards to lose (somewhat easier). Also, I was hoping to get back to some cool science postings, since a lot of cutting-edge stuff has been coming down the pike […]

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Three Times the Scabbery

Today’s edition of the Vancouver Province carries a piece by Peter Darbyshire on online fiction giveaways, focusing on three of us Creative Commoners: Cory Doctorow, David Wellington, and me. The layout in the dead tree edition is quite pleasing to the eye, showing one of Blindsight‘s alternate covers without comment (I love it when that […]

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One millionth the budget of Spiderman 3. One thousand times the smarts.

A couple of weeks back I told you about Infest Wisely, the seven-part “low-fi sci-fi” independent film put together by Jim Munroe and his motley accomplices; Dave Nickle blogged his thoughts following the premiere. Since that night (standing-room only, by the way) they’ve been podcasting one episode a week. I’ve kept quiet about that until […]

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Fourth Printing

Evidently Blindsight has gone into a fourth printing. Don’t know exactly when, or the size of the run, or anything beyond the basic fact that it happened; hell, I wouldn’t even know that much if some guy at the Wall Street Journal hadn’t mentioned it. Whatever the source, though, it’s good news.

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Not the Orange Juice. The Award.

One of these objects does not belong with the others. Guess which one. “a complex drama of faith, love, church politics, and art, set in 17th- and 18th-century Cremona” “A delicate, haunting story-within-a-story told by a girl who must choose between her bright, beloved town and the dark forest beyond it” “A mortally injured child […]

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