Theseus: Gross Axial Morphology (carapace not shown)

ThumbnailAdvanced prototype deep-space research/reconnaissance vehicle
Resting Mass314 tonnes
Length55-85m (extensible spine)
PropulsionLOS antimatter-teleportation (telematter) drive
RangeUnlimited (no fuel constraints while within T-M broadcast range)
Maximum rated burn3.2G sustained, 7.9G maneuvering
Onboard ComputerNikola distributed quantical AI, 1020-synapse equivalent. 82% classical elements for operation in decoherent environments; quantum elements decoherence shielded.
Max. Crew ComplementTen.
Life SupportUndead optimisation. Mandatory hiba, hibc, and leub gene-complex retrofits (donor species H. sapiens whedonum, patent pending) for transit dormancy.
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