Crew Profiles (Apocryphal)

The transcripts on this page are excerpted from a series of signal fragments intercepted by the Stinson Radio Macroarray from 06/05/2092 through 02/02/2098, and appear to have been authored by Theseus's synthesist, Siri Keeton, as part of an ongoing psychological evaluation of the crew. They make reference to four of the five members of Theseus's primary crew and to a single member of the backup crew. This suggests that the mission had suffered at least one fatality by the time these recordings were made, although fragmentary signal acquisition makes definitive conclusions impossible at this time.

CAUTION: while ongoing psych eval is a mandatory element of the synthesist's role during deep space missions, the fragments acquired to date are unconventional in both wording and content. If taken at face value, they carry ominous implications concerning the fate of the mission. However, the reliability of this intelligence cannot be confirmed. Keeton's sanity can no longer be presumed.