EuroMediterranean Union
Epidemiological Status:

Chronic localised outbreaks.

Threat Potential:


Governing Authority:

Ecototalitarian (CSIRA), Vendetta Theocracy (Italy only)


400,963,000, falling. 12% retrofitted against ßehemoth.


Technology current. Pockets of feudalism and anarchy arising in the eastern/southeastern reaches. Local nets partitioned and functional overall, although sporadically infected (sometimes heavilly).


Power grid supplied by a mix of geothermal, geosynchronous microwave, wind, and nuclear generators. Forced-land agriculture and inland aquaculture account for the bulk of food production: offshore aquaculture is still significant in the Arctic Ocean, the North Sea, and the unpolluted remnants of the Baltic, but is expected to decline in importance as ßehemoth reaches these areas. Fresh water is rationed throughout the continent.

While the European economy remains diverse, over half of its economic activity currently arises from environmental damage control and containment (including CSIRA's own activities); globally, containment and control is expected to account for two thirds of all economic activity within eighteen months.


Western jurisdictions are currently experiencing a "little ice age" following the collapse of the Gulf Stream. This has had the fortunate side-effect of slowing ßehemoth's spread across the Atlantic; a migratory trend towards Scandanavia has begun in the meantime. (Increasing numbers are also expected to relocate to Antarctica as circumstances permit.) Southeastern reaches are sparsely occupied by surviving refugees from the Israeli-Syrian nuclear exchange of 2032; the southern Turkish border remains uninhabitably radioactive.

Due to unrestricted travel Europe suffered frequent severe outbreaks during the '51-'52 fiscal years; extreme containment measures proved largely successful, however, and the population currently suffers relatively low-level events. This state of affairs can be maintained for another six years at most before ßehemoth establishes a permanent and self-sustaining foothold on the European mainland.

In 2055, Italy became the first European regime to officially adopt the M&M vendetta theocracy common among the African states. This occured as a result of violent popular uprising, despite CSIRA's best efforts at civil pacification. While the context may have been unique—residual religious inclinations remained strong in Italy even after the collapse of the Vatican, leaving it especially vulnerable to cult propaganda—the formal presence of an M&M regime in the heart of the EuroMed Union is disturbing. It is to be profoundly hoped that this is an isolated case, and not the beginning of a wider trend.