Epidemiological Status:


Threat Potential:


Governing Authority:

Ecototalitarian (CSIRA)


22,600,000, rising. 60% retrofitted against ßehemoth.


Technology current. Local nets clean.


Wind farms responsible for most of the available generating capacity, but equipment failure is common due to environmental factors (e.g. flooding, substrate instability, atmospheric turbulence). Nuclear backups in frequent use. Most food production via industrial photosynthesis; aquaculture and hydroponic/forced-soil agriculture increasing in importance (22% of total production at last count). Small but significant black market in wild gadids and clupeids; expected to diminish as ßehemoth contamination becomes an issue. Meltwater abundant.


Antarctica remains ßehemoth-free thanks to a combination of low temperatures, isolating circumpolar currents, and strictly-enforced travel and cargo restrictions. CSIRA is in the process of relocating its central command structures from Europe to McMurdo; a significant population is expected to relocate here as ßehemoth makes further inroads into the EurAfrican sphere, but housing and support infrastructure is already strained in the wake of recent immigration. Flash floods and avalanches due to ongoing glacial collapse are proving problematic, both as environmental hazards and as impediments to further construction. Carrying capacity is nonetheless expected to triple over the next four years, during which time immigrants will be accepted on a value-per-capita basis.