01/01/2024: 213 pieces added to the Blindopraxia gallery. 27 pieces added to the Rifters gallery. A measly four added to Assorted Shorts.

21/01/2022: 119 pieces added to the Blindopraxia gallery.

07/01/2022: Six pieces of static fan art and one animation added to the Rifters gallery; one short story illustration in Assorted Shorts; and four new illustrations in Sunflowers.

17/01/2020: Sixty-six new items added to the Blindopraxia (52), Rifters (7), Sunflowers (3), and Assorted Shorts (4) galleries. Added a Sentient Tumor pull-quotes section over in Blurbs.

21/12/2017: Nineteen new images added to Blindopraxia gallery and two to the Rifters gallery.

04/05/2016: New "The Things"-based cover art added to Assorted shorts; three new pieces of fan art added to the Rifters gallery; two new pieces in Blindopraxia; and a couple of awesome new Ghiordanescus in Sunflowers.

21/02/2016: Belatedly added Head of Zeus's cover art for Echopraxia and three new pieces of fan art to the Blindopraxia gallery.

23/12/2015: Added three items (two book covers, one piece of fan art) to the Blindopraxia gallery, a fan portrait of Ken Lubin to Rifters, and two items (fan art, book cover) To Assorted Shorts.

03/08/2015: Added "Alienietzsche"'s Scrambler sketch from Deviant Art.

19/06/2015: Added Philippe Jozelon's cover art for Fleuve's French translation of Echopraxia to Blindopraxia gallery, and fan toa-lagara's awesome falling-Lenie artwork to Rifters.

10/02/2015: Added Adam Rotter's wonderful Maelstrom-inspired photoshoot of Karolina Cisowska to the Rifters Gallery.

25/12/2014: Added five Echopraxia pull quotes from various sources to Blurbs.

02/11/2014: Added Echopraxia pull quote from Romantic Times (Excuse me? The Romantic Times?) to Blurbs.

29/10/2014: Added final "Firefall" omnibus cover art and "Giants" illustration to Blindopraxia and Sunflowers galleries respectively; added pull quotes to Blurbs from Strange Horizons, Core Dump, and the DeKalb County Library.

06/10/2014: Three new cover illustrations, links to two "The Things"-inspired multimedia installations added to Miscellaneous Gallery and Backlist pages. Spanish cover and Angus McIntyre fan art added to Blindopraxia Gallery. New Wolfe/Locus pull quote added to Blurbs.

17/09/2014: Sunflowers Gallery live and populated.

14/09/2014: Short Story Gallery live and populated.

13/09/2014: Surrealistic French illustration of "A Niche" added to Rifters Gallery.

11/09/2014: Blindsight/Echopraxia Gallery live and populated.

07/09/2014: Main Gallery, Rifters Gallery pages live.

03/09/2014: Updates page upgraded.

26/08/2014: Blurbs page upgraded.

23/08/2014: Echopraxia wing goes live.