Vampire Domestication:

Taming Yesterday's Nightmares for a Better Tomorrow

Here's the studio recording (Flash plugin required) of my GoH "Vampire Domestication" talk from Ad Astra 2005. It skimps a bit on sound and pixel rez to keep the bandwidth manageable, but is still quite workable (although you may have to squint occasionally to catch the little corporate-affirmation mottos in the lower right-hand corner).

For a higher-rez, portable version you can download this zipped, standalone executable and run it on your local machine, at your leisure. The first time I offered this option the executable was corrupt and stalled partway through. I think it's fixed now, but just in case I've also packaged the talk as a Windows media (.wmv) file, here. The files are large: the Flash executable is 26MB and the .wmv is a humungous 45MB. It's not a problem if you're on broadband—I'm on cable, and it takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes to download the Flash file— but if you're on one of those Stone-Age 56K lines, you might as well raise a child or two while waiting. You've been warned.

Update July 23 2006: Now, due to whelming demand, you can also download an illustrated transcript of the talk as a pdf.

Anyway, here you go. Sit back, put on your headphones (if you're at work) and click the slide to start. Thanks to Ra'am Hajim for being the kid vampire, and to GB Hajim for shooting him.