The Sunflowers Sequence

...being mainly art inspired by "The Island", since only two other stories have been written in the series so far and they just came out this year.

Dan Ghiordanescu (2010) Christopher Butler (2010) Dan Ghiordanescu (2010) Unknown (2011) Unknown (2011) "VuBD" (2010) Luca Vergerio (2011) Daniella Tuggeri (2011) Unknown (2011) Marcin Kulakowski (2014) Dark Crayon Design (2018) Story (2016) Story (2016) Dark Crayon Design (2018) "Green Creep" (2020) "Manchu" (2020) "Manchu" (2020) "Manchu" (2020) Golonka (2020) Unknown (2021) Unknown (2021) Parygin (2021) Unknown (2021) YamiEA (2021)

Concept Art

The Sunflowers stories are not just nodes in an epic ongoing arc stretching across deep time; they're also based on a premise for a video game that I continue to think would kick all kinds of ass. On a couple of occasions, actual game designers— Dan Ghiordanescu, Rob Berger, a ragtag team of designers disgruntled with the state of the mainstream industry (and whose names I do not know because their work was passed to me through an intermediary) took a look at actually building such a game as an indie project.

Neither effort got past the Concept Art stage— but man, what concept art.

Dan Ghiordanescu (2016) Dan Ghiordanescu (2016)

The Island iPad Project.

The supremely talented Dan Ghiordanescu liked "The Island" enough to mock up a tablet/smart-phone app that, once realized, would enrich the story-reading experience with a profusion of interactive graphics and hyperlinked annotations. As far as I know it never got beyond the concept stage, but the concept was kind of awesome.


A rough outline for an animated intro to a proposed digital edition of "The Island"; concept by Rob Berger, execution by Dan Ghiordanescu. (Just keep the mouse close to the right edge of the image and click to change slides.)