Miscellaneous Illustrations

from various short stories and bits of whimsy

Peter MacDougal (2000) Ron Cunningham (2000ish) Peter Watts (2000) Jean-Pierre Normand (2004) Karolina Jędryczka (2010) Unknown (2011) Unknown (2014) Uncredited (2011) Evan Forsch (2011) Claude Bordeleau (2002) Uncredited (2007) Uncredited (2008) Krzysztof Rodak (2012) Hugh Sicotte (2013) Jesús Olmo (2014) Petrov (2015) Olmos (2015) Manchu (2016) Hong (2017) Borrett (2018) Unknown(unknown) Olmo (2019) Jubo (2019) Jubo (2022) Anon (2022) Głąbicka (2021)

The Things

My Sympathy-for-the-devil take on Carpenter's classic movie got an unexpected amount of love when it came out— and, so far, not a single lawsuit. As of this writing it's been translated into somewhere around half a dozen languages.

It even got illustrated in a couple:

Olli Hihnala (2013) Olli Hihnala (2013) Olli Hihnala (2013) No idea. 2014 Giacomo Pueroni (2012) Nick Gucker (2011) Nick Gucker (2011) DrFaustusAU (2014) Kate Baker, "Alexander3333333" (2012) Kate Baker, "Alexander3333333" (2012) Dmitriy Vishnevskiy(2016) Sababylon (2022)

The satcam image below links to screenwriter Jesús Olmo's "digital coffee-table-book" presentation of "The Things", in which each flip of the page iterates the very continent of Antarctica through a series of alien morphologies to accompany the text. The online version at issu.com has nifty little bells and whistles like animated page-flipping, but if you just want the stripped-down pdf you can get it here.

The Manga Mix

One side-effect of my Author-GoH gig at the 2014 iteration of HAL-Con (in Kawasaki) was a boutique collection of shorts from my backlist, all illustrated by Hotaro Unno (Artist-GoH at the same event). Once I got over the shock of seeing my angsty sepulchral characters rendered as Manga characters, I quite liked the new perspective. (The first four are just cut-and-pasted from the Rifters gallery.)

Hotaro Unno(2014) Hotaro Unno(2014) Hotaro Unno(2014) Hotaro Unno(2014) Hotaru Unno (2014) Hotaru Unno (2014) Hotaru Unno (2014) Hotaru Unno (2014)