Blindsight: The Lost Coverswah!!!

Tor had a number of different cover paintings from Thomas Pringle to slap onto the front of "Blindsight". They could hardly use all of them. Nor was there room on the back cover for all the blurbs they had on hand (although one wonders why Tor chose to restrict their use of blurbage to raves about other books). Fortunately, both limitations are easy enough to overcome with a little judicious pixel editing. And so here, with the artist's permission, are half a dozen alternate covers seven if you count the featureless "Smell the Glove" homage on the fourth row with different artwork on the front, relevant blurbage on the back, and an author's bio that Tor would never have the balls to run. The variant at the very bottom is closest to the official cover: the ship is different, and I've done away with some of the more lurid formatting elements, but the overall composition is the same. All the other renditions are fresh from the ground up.

Click on any of the thumbnails to download the full-size jpeg, each of which is in the neighborhood of 1.5MB. Or just click here to download the whole lot as a zip file. Print them out on your personal inkjet, or take the file to Kinkos. (You'll need a sheet with a printable area 20" by 8.5". Or smaller pages you can tape or glue together after the fact.) Hang them on your wall, use them to wrap fish, or use 'em in place of the official cover for a change of, er, pace.