The Niblet Memorial Kibble Fund

So it's finally come to this.

Fig. 1: Niblet

Fig. 2: Banana

Ever since I released Blindsight into the Creative Commons I've been fielding e-mails from folks suggesting nay, even demanding that I set up a PayPal account so they can send me money. I was not expecting this. I'd certainly hoped that going CC would raise my profile and bump up conventional sales of the dead-tree edition, but it never occurred to me that anyone would wish to bypass the middleman and line my pockets directly. I am frankly astonished. They want to give me money. Even though they don't have to. These people are crazy.

And I would be crazier still if I didn't let them.

So I've set up the Paypal link you'll have noticed on the Backlist page. I have named it in honor of my beloved cat Niblet, who went missing in December 2006 and is presumed dead. But I have another cat, very much alive, regal and grumpy and dignified (people often get the two of us mixed up, as you can tell from my official author photo), as voracious as a black hole and nearly as massive. Since he evidently believes that the world owes him a living (and in all honesty, I tend to agree), it seems only fitting that I provide the world a way to do that.

So if having availed yourself of all the free wordage on this site you feel the urge to contribute to our upkeep, by all means click on the donation button, and accept my thanks. (You can use a variety of credit/debit cards if you don't have a Paypal account.) I do not know how lucrative this foray into online commerce will prove. Banana's girth should provide a rough index. Once he develops his own event horizon, perhaps I can retire.