Present status

Installation of the first crop of fourth-generation gels is presently underway.   Wildlife continues to decline slowly but consistently across Maelstrom as a whole; the nodes proximal to Haven look especially promising (see figure).

ChemCog reports that the 4th-gens seem particularly vulnerable to a fast-propagating viral paradigm known as the "Apocalypse Meme". This meme apparently arose following the recent devastating N'AmPac earthquake; the rumor-cluster converges upon a single female figure at the center of that disaster (the quake itself is held to be merely a precursor to an even larger calamity yet to come). In all other aspects, however, the rumors are wildly divergent and mutually contradictory. We are confident that this is simply another of the "urban myths" known to arise in times of social stress.

ChemCog is presently interrogating a subsample of 4th-gens to ascertain why they are so susceptible to the Apocalypse Meme. To date, all indications are that this is simply a happenstance artefact—a string of lucky dice rolls, in effect, which have temporarily inflated the profile of one randomly-selected rumor in a million. Lightning simply has to strike somewhere.

In any event, this is the only anomaly noted so far during Phase Four, and its impact has been negligible. We do not foresee any complications.

Simplified logical map of Maelstrom's macroarchitecture (primary nodes only), color-coded by degree of wildlife infestation. White crosshairs represent nodes containing smart-gel nexi (>3 gels/node). Three years after going on-line, Haven is still virtually free of infestation.