The Exact Opposite of a Shit Sandwich.

What the hell is wrong with this place? I leave town for one measly week and by the time I come back some bozo left the tub running and half the city’s underwater. Waiting for a taxi I couldn’t even get online to pass my galleys off to MIT: the airport servers flooded sometime during […]

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Helsinki: Day One

The rear hatch of our Finnair Boeing 757 wouldn’t close. Turned out there was a bottle of gin wedged into the mechanism. Our flight was delayed for an hour as they taxied us across Pearson to a special chop shop for airplanes and brought in the Jaws of Life (they could have just smashed the […]

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A Fragment of FinnCon, a Dribble of Dumbspeech

I finished the last of 32 Finncon slides today.  Here’s #25.   Now all I have to do is write a talk that has at least a tenuous connection to the other 31. In other news, an excerpt from an upcoming article in The New Yorker: There are people here who repeatedly drown themselves in […]

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A Terminator with Training Wheels

So I was going to treat you to another fiblet today, but when you intersect previously-unposted excerpts with spoiler-free excerpts the overlap drops down into the single digits and the piece I wanted to post still needed a bit of work anyway (too many colons).  Which is what I was working on before this happened: […]

A Few More Things.

Art and updates, mainly: looks like I’m going to be back in Nantes this November for a return engagement at Utopiales, the massive French con that roots itself in Jules Verne’s home town. Caitlin and I were there back in 2010, and loved it. I am not just delighted to be going back, I am […]

Giving Up on Life.

The ‘crawl’s been kinda quiet lately, mainly because I am (for the second time in as many years) on the last lap of this dumb novel. I am, in fact, committed to delivering the damn thing to  Tor before I leave for FinnCon — and I’m on track to do that, if I don’t let […]

Mind Hives Remastered

So.  The 2013 Aurora Ballot came out a few days ago. Once again, I hadn’t been paying much attention because I didn’t actually publish anything last year.  Once again, I got a phone call telling me that whatever I talked about at last fall’s SpecFic Colloquium got me onto the ballot anyway, under “Best Fan […]


Nothing hugely substantial today; just a quick signal boost on three fronts.   Strange Bedfellows First up: an anthology of political science fiction (“Where ideology is a character!”), a crowdsourced project to be edited by Ottawa insider (and personal con buddy) Hayden Trenholm. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that if there’s one thing […]

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Sunless, Squidless.

So apparently I’m attending The Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema this weekend. I’m there right now, in fact. I am surprised to learn this, since I haven’t left Toronto today. I haven’t even left the Magic Bungalow. In fact I haven’t even got out of bed, except to feed the fur and the fins, and […]

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Pics for Posterity.

So, here’s a nice surprise in my In-box: prototype cover for next year’s Finnish translation of Blindsight from Gummerus. The artist is Jussi Kaakinen, and I think he’s done a terrific job. Oooh, and just after I finished posting this the first time, a courier showed up at my door with a box of these: […]

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