Brazilian Hegemony
Epidemiological Status:

Compromised. Facultative quarantine in effect.

Threat Potential:


Governing Authority:

Corporate Oligarchy


503,220,000, falling. 10% retrofitted against ßehemoth.


Ranges from Feudal to Technocratic. Local nets partitioned to minimize spread of virulent wildlife; networks have collapsed entirely in some northern areas


Generating capacity recently impoverished by M&M attacks on the Amazon Cascade and the failure of the Peruvian Upwell (which together reduced supply by >40%); recent increased reliance on Venezuelan heavy oils. Bio and other renewables exhausted; mineral extraction remains profitable in principle, but is hamstrung by energy shortages and ongoing loss of infrastructure. Soil-based agriculture accounts for most food production, primarily in the south but also in the contaminated northern regions. Potable water nonlimiting in northern and central jurisdictions; rationed in the south and along the west coast, where desalination is the primary source.


Despite strong rearguard action, ßehemoth has secured a permanent foothold in the northern reaches of South America and continues to advance south. Infrastructure remains intact throughout the rest of the continent, but this is unlikely to last; the recent Blore Insurrection is doubtless a harbinger of things to come and has already become a rallying issue among the general population, even though its ringleaders were so quickly brought to justice. In short, the Brazilian Hegemony appears to be following in North America's footsteps, and is expected to achieve N'Am's present condition within five years.

Perhaps due to the strong post-capitalist leanings of the Brazilian regime, there is little evidence of widescale M&M activity on this continent, spectacular outliers such as the Cascade Attack notwithstanding. Reported terrorist cells in Colombia and Venezuela are thought to be relatively isolated, their philosophies owing as much to Liberation Theology (once endemic to Latin America) as to the vendetta theocracies of the EurAfrican sphere.