North America
Epidemiological Status:

Severely compromised. Total Quarantine in effect.

Threat Potential:


Governing Authority:

None overall. CSIRA provides wide-scale monitoring and crisis management; other authorities strictly local.


Unknown (est. <35 million), falling. <2% retrofitted against ßehemoth. Civilization persists in isolated enclaves separated by vast depopulated areas. >95% of the continental landscape has been lost to ßehemoth. Some survivors persist in the wildlands, but total die-off is expected within nine years.


Feudal/Technocratic/Subsistence-scavenger. Limited contact between enclaves. Local nets impoverished and massively infected.


Agriculture nonexistent. Food production via industrial photosynthesis. Feral population scavenges, although some Calvin cyclers are provided near enclaves. Fresh water generally available, but contaminated outside enclaves.


The primary global hot zone for ßehemoth. CSIRA conducts periodic burns of heavilly-contaminated areas, but these only slow the rate of spread. Airborne and orbital embargo in effect on all traffic. Current predictions suggest that any long-term containment measures short of a continent-wide burn will prove ineffective.

Unknown agencies have recently begun a series of ongoing missile attacks on N'Am's eastern seaboard, presumably as a prelude to full-scale containment; AfrAsian interests are suspected, but cannot be proven as attacks are launched from mobile submarine platforms—which have proven (so far) untraceable—somewhere beneath the Atlantic. CSIRA has managed to intercept most of these to date, but both infrastructure and stocks of orbital antiballistics are failing.

Competing agencies, notably M&M regimes, are engaged in ongoing attempts to spread ßehemoth beyond N'Am's borders in pursuit of their own religious agendas. The same agencies are thought responsible for the weaponization and persistence of N'Amnet's shredders, which have now been reported outside the embargoed zone.