Sinoasian Alliance
Epidemiological Status:

Unknown (probably compromised)

Threat Potential:


Governing Authority:

Unknown (oligarchic circa 2052)


Unknown (approx 2.4 billion circa 2052; probably in decline)


Unknown. Power generation heavily reliant on fossil fuels at last report. Satellite surveillance revealed ongoing intensive outdoor agriculture and expanded excavation consistent with large-scale subterranean development as late as 2054, but thermoptic refractors have since been massively deployed and current intel is limited. No obvious increase in desalination capacity since 2052.




China and its buffer states ended formal contact with the rest of the world following the Rio Insurrection of 2052; subsequent attempts to reestablish contact have been ignored. All traffic approaching within a designated 50-km buffer zone is fired upon by a variety of weaponry ranging from ground-based ballistics to orbital particle-beam cannons. Attacks are designed to destroy interlopers, not merely repel them; they are not preceded by verbal warnings or warning shots. All available evidence suggests that the whole regime intends to simply retreat into self-imposed quarantine and "wait ßehemoth out". Since it is not possible to render a national boundary impermeable at microscopic scales, we conclude that the Alliance is constructing a series of underground enclaves to protect an unknown percentage of its population.